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Author Topic: August 2020 Virtual Meeting  (Read 53 times)

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August 2020 Virtual Meeting
« on: August 19, 2020, 12:26:38 pm »
Hey guys your President here with another virtual monthly meeting. I'll make sure this one is quicker and easier to digest than last month's meeting. We hope to hear any of you opinions or concerns in the replies below!

To start this meeting, we discussed some potential options for magnets and a banner in our last meeting. This is still an ongoing discussion and any further comments on orientations of magnets our banner would be greatly appreciated.

Following our discussion on merchandise, we would also like to expand past our magnet and polo t-shirt sales and expand into other offerings to our club members. We would like you input as to other apparel you would like to see offered to our club members with our logo on them. T-shirts, pants, driving gloves, etc... While we still will allow our members to brand their own clothing, we want to see what apparel club members want to see offered directly from our club to our members.

To accurately plan our future events to cater to our members we are creating a poll that will be sent through our forum. This poll asks the simple question; For what reasons do you associate with Scenic City Miatas? This quick poll can be answered anonymously here:


Lastly, to further understand where our members stand in terms of feeling safe during COVID-19 in terms of attending rides, meetings, and events.
Please consider some of the following questions and leave your opinions in a reply below.

Assuming all social distancing measures are in place; Do you feel comfortable with:

Rides (driving from one destination to another as a group with no further plans or meals)
Meetings (sitting down for a meal with the group usually to partake in discussions and social topics)
Events (driving from one destination to another as a group with an event at the end destination. Normally acting as a social event)

If aspects of these events were changed, (example outdoor only meetings) would that make you feel more comfortable with joining these types of club outings?

This meeting is meant to understand how our members feel in a time of uncertainty. We hope all are doing well and are looking forward to hearing your opinions. If you do not feel comfortable discussing any of the above information feel free to contact me directly and we can gladly make note of your opinions anonymously. We want to consider all of our member's views on COVID-19 equally and openly.

Thank you all again for your time and be on the lookout for an impromptu ride in the near future!