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Please only vote if you intend to drive with us on Saturday, April 25.

Run #1 - The Ocoee-Tellico Loop
3 (42.9%)
Run #2 - The Canyon Grill Run
1 (14.3%)
Run #3 - The Cagle Mountain Run
3 (42.9%)

Total Members Voted: 7

Author Topic: Which Run for April 25?  (Read 72 times)

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Which Run for April 25?
« on: March 05, 2020, 08:55:40 pm »
Let’s do a run in April!  Saturday April 25 to be exact.  The only problem we have is determining which route will we drive.  So, we’re asking you to decide.  Below you will find the description of the three different runs.  Then, you can vote using the poll above.  Please, only vote if you intend to drive with us and only one vote per car.

Run #1 - The Ocoee-Tellico Loop
This will be the better part of the day.  We will meet at Sugarloaf Mtn Park in Ocoee.  Wheels rolling at 9:30 am.  We’ll take TN315 through Reliance to Tellico Plains.  We’ll have lunch at the Iron Works Grill, then return to Ocoee on TN68 and US64.  Approximate drive time is 2.5 hrs, 98 miles.  Of course, you’ll need to add your drive time to the meetup.

Run #2 - The Canyon Grill Run
This will be a late afternoon/ early evening run.  We’ll meet at the Food City/CVS in St Elmo, wheels rolling at 4:15.  The run will take us up Lookout Mtn to Scenic Hwy and we’ll go south to the Canyon Grill ( canyongrill.com ) It’s a restaurant with an excellent reputation and a menu to match.  It’s just a bit pricey, but worth every penny. After dinner, the run will continue as we head north on GA157, Lula Lake Rd, and back down Lookout Mountain to our original starting place.  Drive time is 1-1.5 hrs, 50 miles.  RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

Run #3 - The Cagle Mountain Run
Our third option takes us North.  We’re still working out a few details on this one, but here’s the rough description.  We’ll meet in Hixson at 9:30 am for some Cars & Coffee.  Wheels rolling at 10:00 am.  The run will take us toward Sail Creek (same route Jim Crocker used to lead us to his house).  We’ll drive a curvy path over the mountain, head towards Dunlap, and take another curvy path back over the mountain to Dayton Pike. From there everyone can go their own way home.  We’re looking for a lunch spot.  Suggestions?   Drive time is 2.5 hrs, 60 miles.

We hope you can join us for our first run of 2020!
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